Residential Services
DalTech offers home services with up-front pricing!

A set price-per-service allows the customer the satisfaction of knowing that a job will be completed at a given cost.  Common DalTech services are conveniently listed below with a corresponding description and price.

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Diagnostics and Repair

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Virus and Spyware Removal
A highly trained professional will remove the viruses and bugs that are slowing down your computer.  The PC will also be optimized and a full system checkup performed.  DalTech also recommends a security package to keep those viruses from coming back! - Save $50.00 when purchasing Virus Removal AND any Security Package.
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Not sure what the problem is? A qualified DalTech professional will check the "nooks and crannies" of your hardware and software to find out exactly what the problem is.  Crashes, lockups, unusual behavior, internet problems; DalTech is ready to troubleshoot and fix them all! Save $50.00 when also purchasing a repair package from DalTech.
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Checkup and Optimization
This is a simple checkup and optimization procedure which will clean the PC of any unused files and programs.  The operating system and existing protection is updated.  The hard drive is de-fragmented and the entire system is probed and scanned for errors.
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Physical Cleaning
A computer accumulates much more dust than one might imagine.  Breathe easy.  Leave it to the pros to properly clean the dust, dirt, and grime from the interior and exterior of the PC.  Keyboard, mouse-ball, and monitor are also cleaned.
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Operating System (O/S) Installation
A DalTech computer expert will re-install your operating system (Windows software) - making your computer look, feel, and run cleaner and faster than the day it was first assembled.  The DalTech professional also brings your computer up-to-date and installs the latest drivers for all of your hardware so that everything works smoothly.  No need to re-purchase the O/S that came with your computer.  Other versions of Windows are sold separately.
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Operating System (O/S) Repair
For any number of reasons, your operating system my require repair.  This process will get you back up and running again.
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Insurance Estimate
You may find your computer powerless just after a storm.  DalTech can prepare a written estimate for your insurance company.
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PC Setup
This service includes removing a PC from its packaging and setting it up at your residential workspace.  Your computer space will be neat and tidy so that you can be ready for the rest of the day.  Don’t let all those wires get you down - let DalTech hook-you-up!
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Password Recovery Service
Have you forgotten your Windows Password.  Don’t let the amateurs try to figure this one out - let DalTech decode your enigma.
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Data Destruction Service
Using the same techniques as the military and the government, DalTech can securely erase the data from any Hard Disk Drive - permanently destroying all of your confidential files.
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Backup Services
Have a DalTech computer expert install an automatic backup system in your computer.  This system will save all of your data and critical files on a daily basis.  A backup system is critical because your data is critical.  (No computer can run forever!) Hardware not included.


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Wireless Network Setup
Connect 2 PCs securely over an encrypted wireless signal.  This will allow easy access to the internet and any printers from both PCs.  Also, files can be shared between the computers.  Hardware not included.

Connect another PC to this wireless network. $40.00
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Wired Network Setup (same room)
Connect 2 PCs together with a network cable - as long as they are in the same room.  You will be able to access the internet from either computer, print from both PCs, and share files from one PC to another.  Routers, hubs, and adapters are not included.  The connecting cable is included.

Connect another PC to this wired network. $40.00
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Wired Network (different rooms)
A DalTech computer expert will cleanly mount wall plates in each room and connect the two rooms together.  The internet, as well as files and printers, will now be accessible by both computers.  Routers, hubs, and adapters are not included.  The connecting cables are included.

Connect another room to this network. $75.00

Security and Protection Packages

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Standard Security Package
A DalTech computer professional will optimize your PC‘s performance by removing unnecessary and unwanted files and programs.  A comprehensive checkup / cleanup will follow.  Next, the PC will be updated by installing the latest operating system updates.  Lastly, software will be installed to prevent virus, spyware, and hacker attacks.
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Advanced Security Package
Similar to the standard package, however, more advanced software is used to protect your computer from crippling internet attacks.
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Premium Security Package - Guaranteed!
This package improves upon the advanced package as it uses proprietary security software unknown even to many security professionals.  DalTech guarantees your computer to be free from all viruses, spyware, and hackers for one full year!
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Install Anti-Spam Software
Anti-Spam software will be installed to protect your inbox from annoying messages.  Configured for Outlook or Outlook Express POP3 mailboxes.

Hardware Upgrades

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Memory Upgrade
Have a DalTech professional upgrade the computer‘s memory.  Note: More memory is similar to having a larger workspace, not a larger file cabinet.  (Memory is not the same as "Hard Drive space" or "storage space".) Memory modules not included.
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Processor Upgrade
Many smart computer shoppers purchase their new PCs with the slowest available CPU (to save money).  After a year, the CPU that WAS top-of-the-line is now considerably cheaper.  Now is the time to maximize your computer's potential - by having it's brain transplanted by a DalTech computer professional.  CPU not included.
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Hard Drive Upgrade - Main Drive Replacement
Replace the hard drive in your computer with a bigger, better, faster drive.  Have a DalTech technician move your operating system and all of your critical data to the new drive.  Drive not included.
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Hard Drive Upgrade - Secondary Drive Installed
A secondary hard drive is installed into your system and is set as a "D: Drive".  This allows you to save your data to the new drive, or free up space on the "C: Drive".
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Motherboard, Memory, and CPU Upgrade
Whether you desire more power from your computer or have experienced a system failure, upgrading the "guts" of your system can often get you back on your feet for less than the cost of a new computer.  Leave this one to DalTech - we are the only ones in town that can pull this one off without having to also perform an "Operating System Repair".  Hardware not included.

First Response Service

When the deadline is pressing, DalTech will respond immediately to meet your needs.  This charge is in addition to the fee of the performed service.

Additional Service Discount

When a secondary service is performed at the same time as the original visit, this is the amount that we will deduct from the total.

Additional Services

The above is a partial list of services available.  Any additional service provided will be billed at an affordable hourly rate.