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We understand the role computers play today.  Computer systems are vital for both business and personal needs.  We are specialists in providing the most advanced and reliable computer systems, in installing effective software, and in providing ongoing, top-notch service.  Our systems, service, and consulting capabilities are key to providing high performance and reliability; thus insuring maximum productivity, profitability, and peace of mind.
Company Profile
Company Profile

After 11 years of experience in the hardware, software, and computing industries, Chris Straub formed DalTech Computer Systems, LLC with the objective of bringing technology to businesses and individuals.  The technology should work for the customer, not the other way around.  It should promote peace of mind, bring harmony back to the office, and facilitate productivity.

When your whole workplace is operating seamlessly we like to say that you are "Enjoying the DalTech Computer System" in your office.  We say this because the DalTech concept is a system, time tested and proven, which delivers effortless reliability and peace of mind to your home and office.

It is our pleasure to provide you with:

  • New systems - home PCs, office servers, workstations, and laptops.
  • Office and network administration (design, setup, repair, migration).
  • Full service computer repair - home and office.
  • Security, including anti-virus and firewalls.
  • Data recovery and preservation.

DalTech Computer Systems’ mission is to provide computer systems and services for businesses and individuals - systems that are state of the art, highly efficient, and reliable; service that is highly competent, dedicated, and timely.  Our ultimate objective is to be a complete support system for businesses and individuals, a support system that will empower our clients with enhanced productivity, increased competitiveness, and overall satisfaction.


We are the preferred technology firm for many homes and small to medium sized businesses in the Dallas area.  We have a proven track record of empowering offices of 5 to 500 employees including doctors, lawyers, dentists, accounting firms, construction companies, and marketing agencies.

R.R., P.L.L.C. - "I am always impressed with how DalTech is able to keep my Law Firm’s network problem-free.  Wow! These new computers sure are fast!"

A.K. - "I don’t know how you had the manufacturer of my printer replace it for free - even after the warranty expired, not to mention that I didn’t even purchase it through you.  There really is no substitute for experience and having great connections.  Thanks DalTech."

B.B. V.I.P. - "My home office runs great thanks to DalTech Computers and Services.  With my automatic backup system, I never have to worry about data loss."

C.D. C.S.A. - "We needed a whole new IT department and we needed it yesterday.  DalTech filled in on a moment’s notice until we could get back on our feet.  Our 300 employees never skipped a beat."

A.M.W. D.F.W.I. - "Three computer programmers couldn’t figure out what was wrong with a PC at my home-office; DalTech fixed it in a matter of minutes."

N.C., D.D.S., P.C. - "Our office really looks professional with the new thin-style monitors on our desks.  My employees are happier and I saved a lot of money."

Partners and Affiliates

Many competitors claim to have great connections, but often times purchase their parts from local retail stores.  In many cases DalTech works directly with the manufacturer - to guarantee you the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost.

DalTech proudly partners with and / or highly recommends the following (and many other) computer, network, and component manufacturers:



DalTech proudly services the following locations without charging a destination fee:

North Dallas, Park Cities, Richardson, Garland, Plano, Frisco, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Addison, Irving, Las Colinas, Lewisville, and all other North Dallas communities.