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Quickbooks Hosting Solutions

  • Your Company‘s Quickbooks file(s) are securely hosted in an environment where:
  • Your CPA
  • Your Bookkeeper
  • Your CFO, COO, or CEO
  • Your office manager

Has complete, dedicated access to your Company‘s quickbooks data file 24 X 7 X 365.


  • Your existing quickbooks license can be used to save cost.
  • Licenses can be added to allow for simultaneous access to your company file.
  • Quickbooks is fully functional - not a limited "cloud-version"
  • All access is Remote: Your CPA can work on your company file from her office in Kansas City while you check in on your data from Dallas.
  • There is no need to pause or stop working in your file while your CPA or bookkeeper is reconciling or generating reports.
  • There is no need to make "Accountant‘s Copies" of your data.
  • There is no need for your CPA to drive across town just to log into your company file.
  • The empty office reserved for your CPA or bookkeeper can now be used for a productive employee.
  • No more backing up to a flash-drive and mailing it to your bookkeeper.
  • You can print directly to the printer in your office.
  • Your data stays in the quickbooks format that it is already in - you can move your company file back to your servers if you want.
  • Your data files are backed up nightly and several versions are retained in event of emergency.
  • Plans start at $49 / month.
Blue Hosted Servers

Server Hosting Solutions

A dedicated server is available for you and all of your employees to access 24 X 7 X 365

  • This server runs the applications that keep your business running
  • Employees login to your server from anywhere in the world and have instant access to the data and applications that you specify.
  • Workers can work from home if weather does not permit travel.
  • Popular industries include:
    • Oil and Gas
    • Construction
      • Workers often connect from the field to enter data about the worksite.
      • Workers can connect from tablets and mobile devices.
      • Pictures can be uploaded about progress made on the job.
      • Spreadsheets, Invoices, and Estimates can be uploaded, up-dated, created or printed from laptops, tablets or phones from a remote office or in the field.
    • Trucking
    • Moving / Storage
      • Your trucking or moving and storage software is accessible by all of your employees.
      • Your accounting data is accessible by your CPA, your bookkeeper, and yourself.
      • Your sales staff can access their sales applications and estimating software remotely or while traveling.


  • Your data can be separated and organized according to your wishes:
  • Access is granted ONLY to those permitted.
    • Sales department only has access to the sales directory - no other directories permitted
    • HR department has access only to the HR directory
    • Management can access Sales, HR, and administrative directories.
  • Access can be granted or denied to any employee instantly.
  • Server is backed up constantly and security is monitored and maintained daily.